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We Saw Logs

January 14, 2015 Leave a comment

Sawing Logs

Many people when they look at a fallen tree see a big mess. I see LUMBER and that was part of the reason I purchased a portable sawmill and started the business, Sawmill on Wheels. With SOW, as we affectionately call it, we are able to serve a wide area in and around Rockwood. Customers are welcome to bring their logs to us for milling, but for the folks who don’t have the equipment to load and haul logs we have the capability to take the mill to them. Treecycling just makes sense; it keeps the tree from rotting in place or ending up in a landfill and it provides custom cut lumber that the customer can put to use in many ways.
Child’s playhouse
Barn beams
Wood for high quality furniture
Floor boards
Garden furniture

Wood MizerLT40

Wood Mizer ready to turn a log into lumber

Custom Bars
Live edge counter tops and islands
Live edge bench’s
Woodworkers lumber