How Far Apart To Space Cedar Trees For A Privacy Hedge.

cedar-hedge You are planting a privacy cedar hedge, and you need to know how far apart to  plant the cedar trees. First thing to consider, are your cedar trees going to be planted for a privacy fence?  Or are the trees going to be planted because you love evergreen trees, and would like to green up the back yard. Eastern White Cedar trees can be planted in your yard, or anywhere around your home as a stand alone tree, or as a hedge tree. If you’re planting the cedar tree as a stand alone tree, it will grow tall and big. White cedars in Ontario can grow up to 60 feet tall. We saw old cedar trees that become too over grown, or are headed for the landfill site at our sawmill in Rockwood. But lets get back to the privacy hedge, and before we get into the spacing distance I would like to tell you that the light pruning on your cedar hedge will make your hedge grow thick. How thick would you like the hedge to be? Well most would like a dense hedge that you can not see through. Newly planted hedges will take some time to be this way, but there is a way to speed the process up just a tad. Fertilize the trees and shrubs in the spring, and do this in the early spring, even if there is snow still on the ground, the cedars are coming out of dormancy and would love a boost to get growing and to make more thick branches. For the best thick cedar hedge, plant the cedars close together.  Cedar trees in the forest naturally grow close from seed and they do just fine. All white cedars up to the height of 6 feet tall can be planted one foot apart, and for a extra thick hedge you may stagger the rows. Staggering tree rows is just a matter of moving every cedar out 45 degrees to the left, then to the right. Planting cedar hedges in a straight row is a very common way to plant. To know how many cedar trees you will need for your hedge, just measure every foot, and dig the hole for that cedar, then over another foot, and dig that hole.. Plant the cedars as you dig the holes.. Large tall cedar trees, up to 12′ may be spaced 3 feet apart. 7 foot to 8 foot cedars can be spaced 2 feet apart, and they will grow into a thick green hedge. 3 foot to 4 foot cedars, plant them at 1 foot apart, and they will grow into a nice thick hedge. Remember to fertilize the trees, but do this only starting on the second year after planting. Have lots of fun while your planting.

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  1. Please , let me know , if I can plant in march / May 2017 privacy hedge 60 ft tall ?

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