Making A Live Edge Bench With Steel Legs

top for live edge wood bench
Sanding the wood slab

2 years ago I had a dead Elm tree that needed to be cut down, so that winter when the ground was still frozen I got the 361 Stihl chain saw out and chopped it up.
There’s not much wood that goes to waist here, all the small bits of wood were good for firewood to heat the wood shop and to make maple syrup.
The longer Elm logs were milled on the sawmill just this year into 1 inch and 2 inch live edge slabs.
Early this week I picked out a 2 inch Elm slab and welded up the steel legs for the new bench.
I used 2 inch steel square tubing for the legs.
After all the welding and grinding was finished, I sanded and wiped all the steel with varsol.
Paint was next after the primer, I used a semi gloss Black paint (3 coats).
I had already put the slab through the thickness planer so it was very flat on both sides.
Now it’s time for sanding the Elm.
I started with 150 grit then 180 to 220 and the last sand paper grit was 320.
Elm is a hardwood like Sugar Maple, but I like the grain much better in the Elm.

Sanding live edge lumber.
Sanding the edges of the slab

I know there is some nice Maple that has great looking grain and figure, but the Elm wood is just one of my favourite woods to work with.
Today I did all the finishing sanding, then put my finish on the bottom.
I screwed the steel legs onto the slab, and put 2 heavy soaking coats of tung oil on it.

Live edge bench with steel legs
Live edge bench now finished with Tung oil.

The live edge bench with the metal legs is now finished.

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