Build A Bluebird House

finished bluebird house and barnBuilding a bluebird house is not difficult and you can use scrap lumber which makes it an inexpensive project as well. I have built these blue bird houses for many years and this style seems to work the best. You will need a few basic materials and tools to get underway.

3/4″ thick pine boards
Wood Glue
Nails – 1 1/4″
Screws – 1 1/2″ and 3″
Hammer, miter saw, drill
Sandpaper,  paint and paint brush

Once you have everything gathered up you’re ready to begin this fun and rewarding project.

Step 1 :

These are the two 3/4″ pine boards I will be using to build the birdhouse.

3/4" pine boards for bird house

Step 2:

First cut the roof 6-1/2″ wide and 7″ long. I used the miter saw to cut one end 90 degrees and the other end 15 degrees. The roof overlaps the whole birdhouse.

cutting roof for bird house

Step 3:

This board is 5-1/2″ wide. Set the miter saw at 15 degrees and cut the front 9-1/2″ long and cut the back 17″ long.

how to cut the front and back for the birdhouse

Step 4:

Set your miter saw to cut a 15 degree angle, and cut the two sides of the bird house 10-1/2″ x 4″ wide.

cutting angles for sides of birdhouse

Step 5:

Cut a floor for the bird house as shown in the picture below 3-7/8″ x 3-7/8″ and round off the corners with a file or a sander.

You will now have all your pieces except for the floor grip. The floor grip will be the left over piece from cutting the entrance hole with a 1-1/2″ hole saw. When you drill the hole you can then use the small piece of scrap wood and glue it to the bottom of the floor. It makes it easy to clean out the box this way.

pieces for the bluebird house

Step 6:

On the front piece, measure from the bottom to the center of the hole 7-1/2″ and drill a 1-1/2″ hole.  Then knock out the piece left in the hole saw.

Notice the 15 degree miter cut is at the top.

cutting entry hole

Step 7:

Now we can start to put the birdhouse together. Use waterproof glue and spread it on the edges of the front 2 sides.

I recommend using Titebond 2 or Titebond 3 for a glue choice.

gluing sides of bird house

Step 8:

Nail the front onto the 2 sides using 1-1/4″ nails. I use an air nailer, but you could also use 1-1/2″ finishing nails and a hammer.

If you want to screw the whole birdhouse together you will need to drill 3/32″ pilot holes before using screws.

adding the front piece of the bird house

Step 9:

Spread some glue on the back edges of the 2 sides, and then nail on the backboard leaving 3 1/4″ overhanging the top end.

attaching the back piece of the bird house

Step 10:

Line up the roof with the 15 degree miter cut up against the back board.

Spread some glue on the top of the 2 edges and to top of the front edge plus a little glue on the miter cut, then nail the roof on with 4 nails 1-1/4″ long.

attaching the bird house roof

Step 11:

Sand entrance hole with a medium sandpaper.

Drill 3 vent holes at the top 2 sides as shown with a 1/4″ drill bit as shown by the white arrow in the picture. The top and the bottom overhangs on the back board is to make it easy to mount the bluebird house to a shed, a post or to a 2×2 stake.

Notice the floor with the rounded corners, this is to let any water drain that may enter the box.

sanding the opening and adding vent holes

Step 12:

Drill a 3/32 pilot hole in the center of the floor about 1/2″ deep. Then screw the gripper onto the floor with a 1-1/4″ wood screw, making sure that the screw doesn’t go all the way through the bottom.

attaching floor and gripper knob

Step 13:

Drill 2 holes on each side with a 5/32″ bit and screw on the floor with 1-1/4″ zinc coated screws (or your choice). The screws just need to be snug enough to hold the floor solid. The gaps at the corners will allow water to escape.

I’m using a 2×2 cedar wood stake on this bird house with 3 holes drilled with a 5/32″ bit and then I will mount the stake on to a fence post.

This way it keeps the bird house up above the post, it’s also a good way to mount the house onto the peak of a garden shed.  I use 3″ screws going through the stake.

final floor attachment

Step 14:

Paint the bird house any color you choose – I like red or blue. Painting the roof white will help to the interior of the box cooler in very hot weather. If you build this bird box with cedar wood, you may skip the paint if you prefer the natural look.

In my back yard I have several bird houses scattered on fence posts and on my garden shed, and one thing I have noticed is the red painted blue bird house gets occupied first every year by the Eastern blue birds.

bluebird house on a post

And there you have it! I hope you have enjoyed this step by step build of a bluebird house, and if you have any questions I will be glad to help you. Enjoy your project and have fun.

Dan Price

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