Blue Bird Houses – Spring Cleaning

Bluebird House

It’s close to spring so time to make sure the blue bird houses are ready for our returning birds.

I have lots of bird houses around the place and have had good luck with this style house for the bluebirds – I also have a red one that they seem to like more for some reason.

If you look at the bottom you will see the trap door where I clean the house out.  Clean houses are more attractive to the bluebirds searching for nesting areas. 

the red bluebird house
The red bluebird house

The blue house above is mounted on a cedar rail post in the back yard. Mount your boxes 4 or 5 feet off the ground and preferably close to some trees so the fledglings have a close first landing place when they leave the nest.  If cats or raccoons are a problem you can make a cone from sheet metal or some other material that they can’t grip and mount it on the post.

Bluebird house on garden shed

This shed was once my chicken coop. Now it is a well built garden shed and bluebird house holder.

Bird house with sloped roofMost bluebird houses don’t have a roof with a 45 degree slope like the one to the right, but I don’t think the birds mind too much.  The entry hole  needs to be correct though or you will end up with the wrong birds visiting and no blue birds. If you decide to make your own bluebird house be sure the opening is 1 1/2″.

bird house turned on a lathe

This is one of my old wood- turned-on-the-lathe bird houses. It has a split in it but the blue birds who used it last year didn’t seem to mind.  Time to clean this one out and have it ready.

bluebird house turned on a lathe

Here is one more bird house I made a few years back, it was made on the wood lathe and a bit bigger than my mini bird houses I make in the wood shop. It was made from an ash log. I will make the roof bigger on the next one.

Nest box for robins

This nesting box was made for robins but I have seen blue birds land on it last summer.  If I put a lip on it it would make a good spot to feed mealy worms – a bluebird favorite.

I’m happy to see some early spring weather here. It allowed me to get outside and clean all the old nests out of the boxes.

Having bluebirds around is delightful – build your own blue bird house and attract them to your yard for bird watching enjoyment.

Time to get the BBQ going … happy spring time bird watching!


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