A Friend That I Found Down At The Pond

Hemi as a baby

Some time ago I was walking my 2 dogs down to the pond and I saw a small kitten from the corner of my eye.

My dogs took off after him untill I told them to stop. For 3 weeks we would look for that little kitten and call for him through the tall grass and old apple trees.

There was bad weather around that summer month and I was hoping that the kitten would be safe.

Plus there are coyotes around here in the woods.

Then one sunny afternoon guess who shows up at our house in the garden? It was this little kitten. He was making some real loud cat noises and he sounded a lot bigger than he was. He then made his way into the garage with the 2 dogs watching and being good.

baby kitty HemiThis little guy made his way and walked about a 1/4 of a mile from our back pond up to the house.a kitty close-upThe weather that we had during the 3 weeks that Hemi was out in the woods by the pond was a mix of thunder and lightning plus high winds. There is a pile of old cedar rail fencing that I have stored near the pond and I kinda think that’s where he was making his home at that time.

Hemi in the highchairThis little guy has our full attention!  He likes his toast with a bit of jam on it in the morning plus a bit of warm milk.

pond area where Hemi was living

This is the area where I first spotted Hemi

Hemi grown up

Hemi turned out to be a great cat who is very smart –  sometimes I think he’s part dog as he loves to play fetch with his catnip play mouse.

playful kitty

Play time

Hemi the cat
Hemi just turned 2 this year
He' outside getting some rays! and looking at the bird feeder.

6 replies to “A Friend That I Found Down At The Pond

  1. What a great story! He is absolutely handsome — I know the feeling when a cat seems like they’re part dog. Or part human, too. 🙂

  2. Want to hear something eerie? My family has a male grey tabby cat we adopted in 2007 and named Hemi. And we have a couch the same color as yours, and walls painted the same as yours. My son googled “Hemi cat” and found your cat’s picture, and before we visited the page we wondered how a photo of our Hemi got onto the web. What a coincidence! Would love to send you a photo.

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