Your Favorite Handcrafted Pen

Rollerball pen handcrafted from red maple burl wood


What kind of pens do you like the most, Ballpoints, Rollerballs or when was the last time you have tried a fountain pen?

I’m not the greatest writer but I like the rollerballs the best, they seem to just fly along the paper.

I have asked some people that really write good and most say they love their ball points.

I sure did love the wood I used with this rollerball pen.




 This pen was a treat to write with. I put a extra fine point on this. The wood is Manitoba maple burl. The fountain pens I make can be refilled with a small pump or you can just simply change the cartridge.

Pens made from woods from Ontario.
All these pens are made from local wood right here in Ontario.

This group of Ballpoints pens all have Parker style refills, and all the wood used came from local trees here in Ontario.

One thing I never do is to chop down a tree just to make a pen.

All the wood I gather from trees that have been knocked down by high winds, or from some big trees that have over grown there spot in the backyard.

This fountain pen style I really like and I do believe I still have this one for sale.

The cap is magnetized and it snaps on tight to the tip or the top post

Fountain pens can be a real keepsake especially with the wood burls.

Extra thick lead with a sharpener in the cap

The Artist in you will love to own one of these shop style sketch pencils

The one above is made with sugar maple burl. It has a sharpener in the cap and there is colored lead available. I have more in stock with other nice woods.

I always have my eyes open for unique woods with twisted grain to make my pens.

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